Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hot, fresh exit polling - right here

Though nobody's asking, I'm just narcissistic enough to tell the entire world how I voted in today's Republican primaries:

Senate: Steve Laffey
Governor: Donald "Don" Carcieri
Lt. Governor: Kernan King
Mayor: Dave Talan

Bear in mind that it's only the primaries. In the (unfortunately likely) event that Lincoln Chafee beats Steve Laffey, I'll swallow my bile and vote for Chafee before voting for the abhorrent Sheldon Whitehouse. Similarly, Dave Talan's odds of becoming mayor of Providence are roughly equivalent to my chances of becoming Miss Venezuela. In fact, David Cicilline will likely be the second Democrat I've ever voted for. Who was the first, you ask ... ?


Nikkiana said...

Aw crap. Voting's today. Why does no one ever tell me these things in advance!

HoboHermit said...

Sorry, guy. Chaffee won. Obviously because I waved at him.

Roger Williams said...

He obviously did! I hate you, now! If you had only given him some obscene gesture, he'd have conceded on the spot, but nooo ... you had to wave to the nice RINO, didn't you?