Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Laffey run down by RINO

It's all over. Steve Laffey (pictured above at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick) has conceded defeat to incumbent Lincoln Chafee in yesterday's Republican primary elections, with Chafee winning 54.2% to 45.7%

The rest of the election results revealed few surprises. Governor Donald Carcieri (who ran unopposed in the Republican primary) will be running for re-election against his enormously large foreheaded Lieutenant Governor Charlie Fogarty (who also ran unopposed in the Democratic primary).

In the race for the House, Patches Kennedy ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket in District 1, and District 2 Democratic incumbent Jim Langevin crushed plucky Jennifer Lawless.

Best of all Carl Sheeler finished with less than 8% of the vote in the Democratic Senate race, behind Sheldon Whitehouse (who won a monstrous 81.6% of the vote) and Christopher F. Young (10.4%). That the DailyKos styled progressive candidate, Sheeler, finished behind Young, a candidate who made no effort to advertise - or even create a webpage for his campaign - adds a delicious touch of schadenfreude, especially after his bizarre comments on this blog.

So what's next? I hold my nose and vote for Chafee when I have to choose between him and Sheldon Whitehouse, but hold my head up high voting to re-elect Governor Carcieri and Providence Mayor David Cicilline.

So how did I do scorecard wise? Just terrible, thanks. Steve Laffey, Kernan King and Dave Talan all lost. Carcieri won the Republican nomination, but only because he ran unopposed.

UPDATE: The national press has gone home after Laffey conceded, and can safely go back to ignoring Rhode Island until Chafee's make-or-break stand on election day (or until we have another lethal nightclub fire, whichever comes first).

UPDATE II: Though it has nothing to do with Rhode Island, the Dictators of the World blog has been updated.


Lefty said...

That picture is awesome, Laffey and his family look like someone just shot the family dog!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that fraud Laffey is the beginning of the end of the conservative right that has sold out America for their own personal wealth. My Christmas wish list is 1/3 complete First Laffey, next the corporate Don, and Linc. Although the only problem with Linc is the R after his name. heck if Bush goes down in 2 years I'll declare it the biggest American Revolution in 225 years.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Bring it On!