Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Primary elections held today

Today is the big day, when primary voters in Rhode Island will go to the polls to nominate candidates to appear on the ballot come election day. On the federal level are nominations in the races for the US Senate seat currently held by RINO Lincoln Chafee, the first district Congressional seat currently occupied by Patrick "Patches" Kennedy, and the second district Congressional seat currently held by Democrat James Langevin, and on the state level, the offices of Secretary of State and Lieutenant Governor, as well as a host of local races.

So who am I, a registered Republican, voting for in the state's biggest race? This is, apparently, the million dollar question, and judging by the contents of my mailbox over the past month, I'm one of the most sought after voters in the entire state. However, anyone who's read my blog at all already knows who I'm voting for: it's going to be Steve Laffey all the way.

I can't wait until the dust settles from this one.

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