Thursday, February 16, 2006

Woonsocket serial killer sentenced

The serial killing career of Woonsocket resident Jeffrey Mailhot has come to end. Yesterday, Mailhot entered a guilty plea for three counts of murder and one count of assault at the Rhode Island Superior Court in Providence.

Jude Mark Pfeiffer then handed down Mailhot's sentences: two life sentences for the murders, plus a 10 year sentence for assault for two of the three murders he was accused of committing. Mailhot, now 35, will be theoretically eligible for parole at the age 0f 77. Mailhot has been transported to the ACI in Cranston to start serving his sentences.

Mailhot was accused of killing three prostitutes at his apartment at 221 Cato Street in Woonsocket before carving up the corpses in his bathtub with a handsaw, and disposing of them in trash bags. One of the trashbags was found at the central landfill in Johnston, where the body was identified as that of a missing Woonsocket prostitute. Mailhot was also captured on a security camera at a Lowe's home improvement store in Woonsocket, buying the handsaw the day after the woman's disappearance.

He was finally arrested after assaulting the woman who would have been his fourth murder victim - but she managed to escape and identify him to Woonsocket police.

With a pop culture reference that's sure to make CNN, Mailhot credited his inspiration to the HBO drama "The Sopranos", specifically an episode where the antihero protagonist of the series, Tony Soprano, disposes of his rival Ralph Cifaretto with a handsaw in a bathtub. It's a shame that it's this little touch which is bound to attract the interest of the national press, not the conviction of a depraved killer who slew three women few people cared about in a dingy industrial city in a small state that usually keeps a low media profile.

Jeffrey Mailhot now joins Warwick's Craig Price as Rhode Island's most notorious living serial killer. As a small state with a relatively low population, Rhode Island has few high profile killers, and now, thanks to Mailhot's conviction, zero serial killers on the loose in the Ocean State.


William said...

I live in ri, and some years I had a warrent out for not paying fines I was sent to the aci intake service center and sent to my cell so I could wait to see the judge I'm a couple days and they put me a a cell with him as a room mate . I did not know who he was untill we had some reck time and a inmate asked how I liked my room mate and told me who he was . I am no angel and I am not a small guy 5 ft 9 210 but not fat fit he did not intimadate me we did talk to pass time I found he's a little guy in hight Mabe 5ft 5 but stocky I guess . He told me he killed them because he was drinking a lot and seen them on the corner on his way from work picked up a black girl I beleave first he said was going. To have sex but she made a comment about his manhood he told me . So he chocked her to death then he passed out from drinking went to work next morng put her in the tub after work he went home stoped at bar first where cops hang out and some he new he told me them went home watched the saparnos and he told me he cut het up them put in garbage bags and dumped her he them went to work and started puicking up more and did the same to them I asked him howcome them did they insult you he said no it just got easy to kill I asked him if he had a normal child hood he said yes and no hurting anamals or people he said no trouble even thou I was not,scared,of him i did sleep very lite that weekend and often whonder howcome they would place me as a cell mate with a serial killer as i was only there for fines also he beleaved if he apoligised to the victums familys his lawer told him he might get out someday i told him look i dont care what your lawer said to you you will never ever get out of prison and,your,lucky ri has no death penalty because you would,be first on the list he did not,like that and stoped talking to me and that was fine with me .he played catds and chess with inmates like not a worry in the world ot any remorsr for,his crimes and inmates did not seem to,care as well i found him to be a sad little guy that did not desearve to live .

Anonymous said...

lucky he didn't cell with me I wouldn't of been so nice!!!!I garranty I would of made front news next day....

kevin smith said...

You would have dun nothing that's why your name is anonymous don't be fake I was there with him too not in the same cell but the same block for a dui people just want to do there time and go home put your hands on someone there might be a problem if he has hart but the way you talk you would be on your bunk with your blanket over your face because of that big ass vent blowing in your face