Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Providence sees first murders of 2006

Police headquarters (Providence, RI)
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The Providence Journal (registration required) is reporting that two men - Arthur Olink of Providence and Matthew Cyr of Warwick - were found shot to death in a car parked the Providence neighborhood of Olneyville this morning. I noticed with some trepidation that this occurred less than a quarter mile from where I live.

This followed a weekend of violent assaults in the city, in which three men were stabbed, and one both slashed with a knife and beaten with a baseball bat.

The city had been making some headway in reducing violent crime, but last year saw a spike in assault and murder for reasons that have baffled both the police and mayor's office. It would be a public relations nightmare for the city if Providence were to regain its once well deserved reputation as a hotbed of urban violence and squalor after a decade of laboriously rehabilitating the city's image.

There has been no comment on the first murders of 2006 as of yet from the fine folks at the Institute for the Study and Practice of Non-Violence as to what could have been done to prevent these murders (this is obviously sarcastic - they can't do anything to prevent murders in Providence any more than I can).

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Tracy said...

First murders? Now? We had our first murder like on the 2nd day of the year! :P