Saturday, February 04, 2006

True crime stories, Rhode Island style

The Providence Journal (registration required) reports that a man, 37 year old Robert Negrotti of Woonsocket, was arrested yesterday after driving up the steps of the state house with his 67 year old mother in the passenger seat. He then tried to enter the building carrying a package before he was subdued by the capitol police. Adding to the list of charges Negrotti will have to answer for in court, he was charged with two counts of "carrying a blade over five inches" after a frisking found a pair of scissors in his waistband.

A witness said they saw Negrotti's 1986 Dodge Diplomat cut across the lawn "like a shot" before shooting up 12 of the stairs. When he could get no further, he backed the car back down from the steps before going around to the building's north entrance, with his mother, where he was then arrested.

Negrotti reportedly said, "I want the state police! I want the state police!", while his mother asked if there was a bathroom she could use. The police aren't sure what motivated Negrotti to do something so stupid, but he's now been charged with disorderly contact, resisting arrest, reckless driving, destruction of state property, and possession of a weapon. He was hauled off the Lincoln state police barracks and further remanded to the ACI to be held without bail pending a hearing.

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Lefty said...

You know there was no way he could have done that in an import!