Friday, February 24, 2006

A journey through Olneyville

olneyville square
Originally uploaded by woneffe|Cotuit.

Flickr user "woneffe|Cotuit" walked all the way from Fountain Street to the Rising Sun mills in Olneyville, documenting everything along the way.

Although I am but a stone's throw from Olneyville Square, I have to admit the idea of walking around one of Providence's toughest neighborhoods snapping away has never occurred to me. Now that someone has photoblogged Olneyville, I suppose I should tackle Central Falls or Manton Avenue?

I'll have to run it by my girlfriend to see if she wants to assist me in this particular project, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the "West Fountain to Rising Sun" photo set as much as I did.


woneffe said...

Thanks for highlighting my photo tour, and talking nice about me on my birthday even :)

When I first moved to the city I was a little weary of taking my camera down to Olneyville, but to be honest, no one even looked at me. And there's some really beautiful, though highly abused, architecture out there.

You can see a more narrated version of the photo tour on UrbanPlanet:

The Real Speck said...

Check out Memory and Sense of Place: Worcester, MA. Very much on the same tip.

Also, check my Photo of the Night story about similar exploits. I have a quicktime called Pawtucket Overnight that's set to Black Label Society's Born to Lose. But it's 13.5mb. Any advice on posting it?