Friday, December 22, 2006

Want to live in Rhode Island?

We've got your affordable housing right here. Residential rental vacancies in the Ocean State are over 7%, and landlords are desperately throwing in incentives like free heat, free first month's rent and even cash incentives for referrals to try and close the gap. The Providence Journal has the story here.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Do they still stink?

Last month, I excoriated the Boston Celtics on the dismal start of their 2006 - 2007 season. Looks like I may have spoken too soon. Ever since the team found itself involved in rumors that they would be trading for Allen Iverson, the Celtics have gone on a tear, winning five straight games and climbing to the top of the woeful Atlantic Division.

As the lynchpin player in the Iverson trade rumours, Celtics big man Al Jefferson has played like a man possessed - possessed by a desire to stay in Boston, that is. He's putting up all star numbers in December, and he's been key to the Celtics' winning streak. Quoth Jefferson:
" ... I don't want to go. If I leave, I'm going to handcuff myself to the bus and say, 'I don't want to go.' I just don't want to go. I love being here. I love Doc as a coach. I love this team."
As expected, this bold declaration made someone I know swoon with emotion over her soulmate's declaration of love for the Celtics and for the city of Boston. Speaking as a Celtics fan, and as a man!, I'm glad Al's feeling the love, but I'm even happier that he's averaging over 20 points and 10 rebounds a game since his name became linked to the Iverson rumors. 20 points and 10 rebounds a game is getting him closer to Karl Malone territory, so the Celtics did the right thing and quickly took Al out of any possible deal for Allen Iverson. Celtics fans have waited a very long time for another dominant low post player, and they're not going to let Al slip through their fingers.

I don't want to jinx them, of course, and I'll get even more excited when they have a record of .500 or better. But the Celtics have put their dismal start behind them and are looking towards the playoffs - a realistic goal in the NBA's Eastern Conference.

Monday, December 11, 2006

My street is on fire.

I came home from work and found my street completely shut off by fire and police vehicles, battling a fire two houses down. With nearly dead batteries, I took some pictures and put them up on Flickr. As soon as we get more information on where the evacuated have been relocated to and and how we can help, I'll put them up here.

UPDATE: No surprises here. Make any and all donations to the victims by contributing something to the Rhode Island Red Cross.

Rhode Island getting screwed by Tinseltown?

With Rhode Island facing a budget shortfall of over $100,000,000, some state lawmakers are questioning the wisdom of handing out tax breaks to filmmakers working in the Ocean State. A study by the Boston based New England Public Policy Center has issued a report (warning - PDF file) pointing out the obvious: Rhode Island gains almost zero long term economic stimulus, and loses quite a lot of tax revenue, by offering filmmakers such generous tax incentives. What's more, there's very little job growth created by movie makers in the Ocean State.

The Providence Journal (registration required) looks at the issue in greater depth here.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Same sex marriage drama!

Lesbian breakup drama comes to the Ocean State! Should Rhode Island grant a divorce to two women married in Massachusetts? Would this constitute a de facto recognition of gay marriage in Rhode Island? Does anyone really care?

I know one law student in particular who would dismiss the entire thing with a haughty "lesbians don't really exist" before reminding me once again that women are drama junkies who should be quiet, get their overfed asses in the kitchen and start making sandwiches. Then again, she's a total misogynist.

Me? I don't really care. The pugnacious portly Portuguese pundit invites her listeners in Fall River, MA to go out and hate gays over at her blog, but I just can't get that worked up about it.

On a typically unrelated note, Dictators of the World has more new updates than you can shake a military coup at.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holy crap

The Providence Journal's website has been redesigned in the past six or so hours. Where it was once fairly bland looking but functional site, it's now horribly cluttered and ugly. Nary a comment on the front page was to why this decision was made, either. Especially egregious is the obtrusive search box in the upper right hand corner. Terrible stuff indeed.

Thankfully, I was able to wade through through the crap and pick out the proverbial kernel of information of interest: an obituary of mafioso Richard "Red Bird" Gomes. Gomes, a contemporary of Rhode Island's notorious Raymond Patriarca Sr. and New York's John "The Teflon Don" Gotti, died of natural causes in his North Providence apartment at the age of 73.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The dog days of early winter

So what's happened in Rhode Island since Thanksgiving? Frankly, nothing much. There has been more legal drama about the 2003 Station nightclub fire. The Boston Celtics continue to underwhelm. Buddy's locked up in the clink until July. It feels like the state is on hold.

Of course, this presents an opportunity to link to some of my favorite articles from one of my favorite Rhode Island websites: Presenting all you'd ever want to know about ...
... and so very, much more. Coffee milk and vampires: what more could you want?

But wait, there's more! How about if I throw in a new post at Dictators of the World? Now how much would you pay? Also, blogger Lefty has more on the wide open supermarket field in Tiverton over at A View from Battleship Cove.