Friday, December 08, 2006

Na na na na! Na na na na! Hey, hey hey!


wrki said...

I have to say that after seeing the Senator on John Stewart the other night I found him to be quite intelligent and charming.

A centrist. I love it.

I hope that he finds a nice cozy lobbying organization to cuddle up to or a certain McCain machine to use his talents and skills to bring some sanity and thought back into the forefront of our political system.

My hats off to the man.

Roger Williams said...

Linc Chafee is not a centrist - he's a Democrat. He talks the Democratic talk, walks the Democratic walk, and made absolutely sure that nothing he did or said would jeopardize his chances for re-election in highly Democratic Rhode Island. The only "Republican" thing about him was the fact that his late father was a Republican, and when it came time for the state's Republican governor to nominate a replacement for Chafee pere (who died during his term), Chafee fils made sure he was, at least on paper, a Republican replacement.

Of course, the on paper part proved to be too much of a liability in the end, as brain dead Democratic populist Sheldon Whitehouse defeated Chafee by painting him as some sort of deranged right wing lunatic. Our electorate, as ever, was stupid enough to buy that.

Republican primary voters, however, have never bought the "Linc Chafee is a respectable Republican centrist" line. They did acknowledge had the name recognition and money to keep a seat warm for the Republican party in the Senate, but we never embraced him as a bonafide Republican.