Monday, December 18, 2006

Do they still stink?

Last month, I excoriated the Boston Celtics on the dismal start of their 2006 - 2007 season. Looks like I may have spoken too soon. Ever since the team found itself involved in rumors that they would be trading for Allen Iverson, the Celtics have gone on a tear, winning five straight games and climbing to the top of the woeful Atlantic Division.

As the lynchpin player in the Iverson trade rumours, Celtics big man Al Jefferson has played like a man possessed - possessed by a desire to stay in Boston, that is. He's putting up all star numbers in December, and he's been key to the Celtics' winning streak. Quoth Jefferson:
" ... I don't want to go. If I leave, I'm going to handcuff myself to the bus and say, 'I don't want to go.' I just don't want to go. I love being here. I love Doc as a coach. I love this team."
As expected, this bold declaration made someone I know swoon with emotion over her soulmate's declaration of love for the Celtics and for the city of Boston. Speaking as a Celtics fan, and as a man!, I'm glad Al's feeling the love, but I'm even happier that he's averaging over 20 points and 10 rebounds a game since his name became linked to the Iverson rumors. 20 points and 10 rebounds a game is getting him closer to Karl Malone territory, so the Celtics did the right thing and quickly took Al out of any possible deal for Allen Iverson. Celtics fans have waited a very long time for another dominant low post player, and they're not going to let Al slip through their fingers.

I don't want to jinx them, of course, and I'll get even more excited when they have a record of .500 or better. But the Celtics have put their dismal start behind them and are looking towards the playoffs - a realistic goal in the NBA's Eastern Conference.


Lefty said...

Daisuke Matsuzaka!

Roger Williams said...

I think he's a little too short and frail for the NBA. Basketball, lest we forget, is a man's game.