Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where are the new pictures?

There aren't any, I'm afraid. Rainy weather kept me from taking new pictures this weekend, and work will likely prevent me from getting new ones next weekend, either. Mea maxima culpa!

In a few weeks, I will be sure to be taking new photos. Spring has sprung, and the rains are falling, thus transforming skeletal and brown into budding and green. Yes, it's a cliche, but I haven't owned a camera long enough to have any good pictures of these parts in the springtime, so there you have it.

As for the news, the Ocean State is breathlessly awaiting the violent demolition of a landmark, the Boston Celtics are headed to the NBA draft lottery (ugh!) and the fine folks at have compiled a new article on various Rhode Island oddities, including our worst-in-the-nation driving skills and Attorney General Patrick Lynch's affinity for Spider-Man.

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