Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Brown's gone bust

Today's Providence Journal (registration required) has pointed out the obvious: Matt Brown's Senate campaign is dead in the water. According to the Journal, Brown has laid off nearly all of his campaign staff, and ignored a reporter who had gone to his home on the East Side seeking an update. Ouch.

All of this comes on the heels of Brown's stunningly stupid campaign financing tricks forced him to return enormous chunks of change back to the Hawaii and Maine state Democratic parties. if Brown weren't so terrified of the FEC, who knows where his campaign war chest would stand today? Will Brown be found wandering around Providence with a five o'clock shadow, Mad Dog 20-20 on his breath, muttering about evil right wing conspiracies bringing him down? Only time will tell.

Just don't worry, Matt: you'll still have an exciting career sounding like an imbecile at the Huffington Post.

On a personal note, I'm done with jury duty, and alas, there was just no need for me. I've gone home $30 richer, and satisfied that I've done my civic duty for the next three years. I was actually sort of hoping to be put on the jury for the biggest trial in Rhode Island, but that's been postponed until June.

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