Friday, May 05, 2006

Schadenfreude special

Rhode Island Congressman Patrick "Patches" Kennedy, previously best known for saying he's "never worked a day in my [bleeping] life" and exchanging fisticuffs with female security guards, finds himself as today's top story on both CNN and the Providence Journal (registration required).

In the wee hours of the morning, Patches cracked up his green Mustang on a security barrier in Washington DC. According to the police report, Patches was driving "at a high rate of speed in a construction zone and also swerving into the wrong lane" with the headlights off.

While initially denying putting pressure on the cops, and being intoxicated, he's since admitted that he was under the influence of prescription drugs, and that he has no recollection of the events leading up to the crash. Furthermore, Patches announced this afternoon that he's addicted to prescription drugs, and he's off to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for drug rehab. The claim about not having consumed alcohol seems to be disputed as well.

CNN is also reporting that the DC police have reviewed the incident and found that the police have handled the incident improperly, which isn't surprising since Patches is fond of trying to intimidate people with his office when he gets in trouble.

As a Republican, having this in the news is a bit like having Christmas in May, but on the downside, having people associate Patches Kennedy with Rhode Island is always embarrassing even when he's in the news for entertaining reasons. Obviously, I'm going to stay glued to the "Nappaquiddick" story as it develops.

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