Friday, November 04, 2005

Celtics win!

The Boston Celtics defeated the New York Knicks 114-100 on Wednesday to begin their season 1-0, which left Nora and I giddy as schoolgirls on illegal drugs. The media hype was all on the Knicks and their new hall of fame coach Larry Brown, but when the dust settled, it was the Celtics out on top. So imagine my surprise when I watched "SportsCenter" on ESPN this morning, and saw that ESPN didn't even interview any of the Celtics, and treated the result of the game as an afterthought to the Larry Brown angle. Some teams get no respect, I tell you what. Doc Rivers must be furious.

The photo above is for Nora, who loves seeing the Celtics bond emotionally around sick children. Appearing with a desperately ill looking child (from left to right) are Marcus Banks (foreground), Ricky Davis (background), Kendrick Perkins and Justin Reed.

Next up for the Celtics? The Eastern Conference champion Detroit Pistons. It promises to be a classic ...

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