Friday, November 04, 2005


The Providence Journal (registration required) reports that Providence police detectives arrested two women at two separate massage parlors in the city, charging them with "permitting massages to be given without a license" - a misdemeanor. One of the ladies was also charged with "maintaining a common nuisance".

The detectives paid for massages, and made the busts when solicited for sexual favors above and beyond a therapeutic massage.

So, I hear you ask, why wasn't anyone arrested for solicitation of prostitution? The answer will surprise you: prostitution is not illegal in Rhode Island as long as it is conducted indoors. You would think this fact would create fabulous Nevada style resorts, but no, instead, it simply creates dingy downtown massage parlors staffed by illegal immigrants.

Clearly, an enterprising entrepreneur could exploit this legal loophole and create something along the lines of those working girl ranches in Nevada in Providence. Who will put up the million dollars required for "the Quahog ranch"? Rhode Island is already an "adult entertainment" destination, with several famous strip clubs so large, they service entire tour buses of customers before nine in the morning (the Foxy Lady and their "legs and eggs" breakfast), so why not go the extra mile and deliver what people are really looking for? Get all the proper licenses, hire elligible workers, and recoup that million dollars in no time flat. Men from Massachusetts will be spending all their free time and money at a place like this, so the first one to do it right can clean the hell up.

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