Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New photos: Burrillville

It's fall in New England, and more than dead leaves, October signals the beginning of apple picking season. The Hobo Law Student and I travelled to the far northwest reaches of Rhode Island, to Burrillville, to get them while they're fresh. Naturally, I've created a photoset on Flickr to document the experience.

Presuming that everyone who stuck around to trade barbs in the What Cheer? thread is still around, where should I go next for pictures of the Ocean State? So far, my most glaring omissions are Woonsocket, Cranston, Johnston and Hopkinton, but I'm open to any sensible suggestions.

1 comment:

wrki said...

I miss the ritual of apple picking.

Autumn is strange in the Bay Area. I need to drive a few hours inland to see the trees turn color and people actually change wardrobe.

Thank you for writing this beautiful memory jog for me.