Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Joe Pantoliano comes to Providence

The Providence Journal (registration required) is reporting that CBS will be filming a pilot for a show called "Waterfront" in Providence. The series is set to star former "Sopranos" star Joe Pantoliano (pictured above in the yellow turtleneck) as the mayor of Providence (currently David Cicilline, pictured in the foreground to the right of Joe). Non-entity Billy Baldwin will be playing a role of some sort as well.

According to one report, Pantoliano's mayor will be "the wildly charismatic and ethically challenged mayor of Providence".

Time out, people. We already had him. Remember?

Perhaps this role should be reserved for Buddy Cianci when he gets out of jail sometime in 2007. What do you say, CBS?

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HoboHermit said...

It'll be a mid-season casting change, like on the west wing.