Sunday, January 22, 2006

Marvin beats the rap; uplifting the ghetto?

Rhode Island's own Marvin "Bad News" Barnes (pictured above) had found himself in hot water earlier this month after being arrested on disorderly conduct charges in late December. Apparently, the Warwick police claimed to have seen Marvin scuffling with his girlfriend on the balcony of his condominium in Warwick.

Marvin pled not guilty on New Year's Eve, and as of Thursday, the charges have been dropped. Neither Marvin, nor the Warwick police, seemed to have any further comment.

Marvin, of course, is continuing his work with The Rebound Foundation, which as far as anyone can determine, consists of Marvin Barnes recounting his sorry biography to horrified schoolchildren, in the hope that they can avoid making the same horrible lifestyle choices he made.

On a "improving one's life" note, a young man selling mix tape CDs outside my local 7-Eleven on Federal Hill asked if I (and for that matter, everyone else going in and out of the store) would like to "help a young brother get out the ghetto". Would I? For five bucks? That young man was Maf, and the outfit is called Landmindz. If they ever get big, I can claim I was in on the groundfloor, listening to them when one of their MCs was slinging mix tape CDs outside convenience stores in the ghetto.

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